Welcome to Badger Truck Parts Save money with quality used truck parts!

We specialize in recycling late model truck salvage and all parts are inspected and have a 90 day warranty. Badger Truck Parts has been in business for over 40 years and is a competitive force in the Heavy Duty industry.

Badgers has 27 employees – included are : Certified Body Mechanics, Certified Truck Parts Techs, Certified HD Techs, and Certified Tow Operators.

Badger delivers

Locally free of charge


World Wide

Our advantages

Badgers is a Green Company , Certified Auto Wrecking Yard for Vehicle Recycling & Disposal of Fluids, Battery & Tire recycling also a Registered participant of the Switch Out Program.

our services

  • Delivery
  • Towing & Storage
  • HD Truck Restorations
  • Warranty
  • Inspection Station
  • Estimates
  • Crushing & Recycling
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