Save Money With Quality Used Truck Parts

Specializing in recycling late model truck salvage

Badger Truck Parts

We specialize in recycling late model truck salvage and all parts are inspected and have a 90 day warranty. Badger Truck Parts has been in business for over 40 years and is a competitive force in the Heavy Duty industry.

Badger Delivers

Free of charge for locals. We can fill containers. We will ship world-wide!

Our Advantage

Badgers is a Green Company, Certified Auto Wrecking Yard for Vehicle Recycling & Disposal of Fluids, Battery & Tire recycling also a Registered participant of the Switch Out Program.

Badgers has over 25 employees – including Certified Body Mechanics, Certified Truck Parts Techs, Certified HD Techs, and Certified Tow Operators.

Our Services

Now Wrecking
HD Installations
Towing & Storage
HD Truck Restorations
Inspection Station
Crushing & Recycling

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